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In 2010, Graig founded Idwal to capitalise on a gap in the ship inspection market. The team identified early-on that the standards of marine surveying around the globe were inconsistent and that the industry lacked a single, reliable and credible service partner who was able to deliver a consistently high quality and easy-to-understand inspection service to the international shipping community.

With this, and the rapid emergence of digital technology and innovation across all industries, Idwal set about developing and launching a new, and uniquely transparent inspection service, which gave instant access for clients to obtain a consistent quality inspection around the globe, for a competitive price and with consistently accurate and objective results.

The shipping industry's first cloud-based inspection platform was launched in 2016 alongside the first iteration of the Idwal Grade - the first numerical representation of a ship's condition to be fully delivered and accepted by the maritime industry. Since then the Idwal Grade has evolved from the first standardised representation of a ship's condition to a 'gold standard' which is today trusted by banks, financial institutions, funds, shipowners, brokers, insurers, charterers and more.

market leading ship inspections

Idwal is known for accurate, consistent and objective inspection reports as well as a continuous commitment to raising the standards of ship inspections worldwide.

Its unique digital inspection framework and online platform allows clients to view and understand the condition and risk of their maritime investments better than ever before, with greater visualisation and clarity of critical data, allowing customers to make smarter decisions.

Supported by offices in the UK, China, and Greece and over 360 surveyors worldwide; Idwal's inspection reports and the Idwal Grade has become the 'gold standard' financial institutions, ship owners, and other stakeholders believe in and trust.

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Idwal has one of the largest surveyor networks in the world with over 360 highly trained marine professionals conducting over 2,000 inspections a year. All approved surveyors pass a detailed and extensive DNVGL-accredited vetting process and consist of experienced Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, and ex-Classification and Flag State Inspectors. This process, in addition to Idwal's bespoke vendor management tool that delivers continuous professional improvement, ensures that only the best possible surveyors act on behalf of our client base.

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Idwal provides a wide range of services to the global shipping industry operating in more than 800 ports since launch. Clients including ship managers, shipowners, and financial institutions use Idwal's reports and data insights to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Condition Inspections

Idwal is a market leader in delivering quality, comprehensive and objective Condition Inspections to the global shipping industry. We have been delivering unrivalled insights into the condition of a wide range of vessel-types since 2010 using cutting edge technology.

Pre Charter Inspections

Idwal works with some of the world's leading dry-bulk charterers and commodities traders to provide detailed Pre-Charter Condition and Vetting Inspections of predominantly dry bulk tonnage and some tankers, in considerable volume and on a global scale. 

Pre Purchase Inspections

Leading brokers, shipowners, banks and financiers use Idwal's Pre-purchase inspection services in order to fully understand the condition of their intended acquisition and to understand the capital expenditure demand which may be required to bring the vessel back into a market-standard condition.

Dry Dock Management

Idwal provides a comprehensive dry dock management service which has been proven to save clients time and money. Deep experience in this area shows that when dry-docking projects are monitored closely and controlled well, the chances of savings in both time and cost are increased. 

Digital Services

From fleet benchmarking to technical advisory and consultancy, Idwal uses cutting edge technology to provide a number of comprehensive tools for owners, managers, and investors around the world manage their fleets to the highest possible standard.

ESG Compliance

With a combined initiative between Graig and Idwal to drive internal and external sustainability, the team at Idwal have developed several supporting ESG-related initiatives and services which can help you evaluate and mitigate the ESG risks across your business.