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Graig can develop tailored funding and structuring solutions for any shipping project, through a network of high level relationships and a depth of experience and knowledge which has been developed over many years of success.

Our deep knowledge of the global finance markets combined with our high level contacts and experience in structuring and presenting innovative financial solutions, allows us to obtain attractive terms which are not available in the open markets and present them in a tailored approach to suit any project.

Connecting Western capital with Eastern projects has been a focus of our activities for many years where we have been able to connect the best of the West with the East. More recently we are connecting Western projects to new sources of Eastern capital, in particular with the emergence of the Chinese financial leasing products where Graig has strong and influential contacts, enabling us to develop structures and solutions to support our clients' projects.


Tailored support to solving structuring problems

Graig can offer a variety of origination and structuring solutions to meet your project needs. From identifying debt and equity partners to solving structuring problems, and even providing ownership "fronting" solutions. 

Identifying Debt & Equity Partners
We can help identify and negotiate with debt and equity partners from around the globe, and using our extensive networks we can structure and originate off-market deals. 
Raising project finance
Using our proprietary networks and strong knowledge of capital markets, we can assist with the raising project finance to help fund your shipping or renewables project.
Leasing Companies and Chinese finance
A particular strength with connections at high levels into major Chinese financial institutions who can provide attractive sources of alternative finance for shipping and renewables projects. 
Solving Complex Structuring problems
Our team are experts at solving complex structuring problems and finding solutions to even the most complex of deals.    
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Client Testimonials


"BOCOMM Leasing are pleased to be associated with the Graig Group and values their experience as a trusted global partner".

JIC Leasing
JIC Leasing

"JIC Leasing are proud to be associated with the Graig Group and values their experience and integrity as a trusted partner for structuring and advising on complex shipping opportunities".


"Graig has been one of the bank's longest serving clients of the shipping desk. Over the years we have worked on numerous shipping projects and Graig were founding partners in our equity arm Maas Capital where we still cooperate successfully today."